Thursday, 15 August 2013

I think this a good thing...

Over the last 4 or 5 years, Mike and I have thought about selling our house in Alberta.  We've talked to real estate people, tried out the "sell it yourself" services and actually put a sign on the lawn a couple of years ago. We always ended up putting it off by renting it out for 6 months or so at a time  We didn't like the price we would get for it, based on comparables in the neighbourhood. 

Then one real estate agent said something to me when I told her we had bought it new with no money down, and  taken a big line of credit on the equity of the house a year after we bought it, when the value of the house had jumped from $255K to $425K in one year (I know, astounding - and the value now is about $350K).  We had taken it to invest in the software company and consolidate debt.  She said, "You have already benefited and profited from this house - why wait?  What more do you want?"  It made me look at things differently.

So when the present tenants (they moved in March 15) made us an offer - which we thought was a great deal - for them - but meant we wouldn't have do anything except move out our accumulated "stuff" that was already in boxes and stored in the basement - we took it.

After a terribly trying winter with no income (but hey, we were in Mazatlan - can't complain TOO loudly), Mike is now in Houston on a great consulting contract that is supposed to be long term - as in a year or two. He is staying in a one-bedroom apartment in a great complex with lots of lush gardens and walkways and swimming pools - which is good because Houston is got to be one of the most boring cities in the world. 

I've been there with him on and off.  We are beginning to catch up on debts and bills.  The proceeds from the house will go toward that filling that hole too.  It won't completely wipe them out by a long shot, but its a good start.

All our stuff fits in a 10 X 15 storage unit.  And I don't really think we would want to keep half of it.

My 1999 Toyota Sienna van here in Alberta needs $3000 work on it to be able to be driven long-distance - and the AC just conked.  I had an offer of $1500 for it and although it was handy to have here to drive around in May when we were here for a week, and this trip up for two weeks, I think I should sell it.  I've been lucky that nothing else conked - like the timing belt which needs replacing.

And so it goes - a lot less possessions and a little more freedom.

I return to Mazatlan Sept. 12 - earlier than I planned but my excellent house and dog-sitters asked for it so that they can go explore a few more places in Mexico before returning to their home in Belize.

What happens from then on?

Mike in Houston, me and the girls in Mazatlan?  Or will something else happen to change all that? 

Stay tuned...