Thursday, 3 June 2010

Heading off to Toronto

I am flying to Toronto tomorrow to visit my mom and dad.

My mom is in full-time care for advanced Alzheimers at place not far from my family home.  My dad is 81 and took care of her by himself for a couple of years and is now on his own.  He visits her daily but she often isn't really "with it" and sometimes tells him to leave her alone now.  She gets around the floor of the wing in a walker and seems to enjoy cruising around, my dad says.  He often has to go looking for her when he arrives to visit.  Lately, he has been finding another patient, a man, in her room, even sleeping on her bed, when he arrives.  Of course, the man doesn't know where he is really.  Mom has been found in other people's rooms too.

Sunday is their anniversary.  The first one they have spent apart.  My dad seems to be adjusting well to the situation (mom has been in the home since February), but I think Sunday may be difficult.

I don't know how I will feel or react to seeing my mom.  I haven't been to visit her before when she was in this place.  She won't know who I am, I'm prepared for that.  But I don't know if I'm quite prepared to see her as a patient.  Anyway, I know she is being well-cared for - this place, Cummer House, is the best in all of Toronto.  My dad says he mainly eats frozen dinners for suppers, but he is pretty good about eating oatmeal and fruit for breakfast, a sandwich and fruit for lunch.  Not too sure about veggies - they used to be big on salads and stuff. I'm going to cook him some real food while I'm there (if he'll let me).

At least the weather is much better there - unless what we've been having is heading that way!

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