Friday, 29 October 2010

Workin' like a dog...

Mazatlan, here I come!  Sadly, only for 9 days though.  I am so busy keeping so many plates spinning it's not funny. The summer was one of the most stressful periods of time in my life - but I survived.  Mike spent several weeks in Florida on contract and the first payment on that job was delayed for about a month due to the client not handling the setup of the purchase order/invoice/payment process properly.  It was a lot of money, and we weren't able to absorb the gap in receiving funds.  Oh, what I wouldn't give for a huge line of credit!  It screwed up our finances for a while, but all is back to normal now (our "normal").

Andy, our lead programmer, took off on one his expeditions across the US in his camper in September, and he hasn't come back yet.....However, he still does a lot of work from the road - he just finds a campground with good internet and codes away.  He stays on Skype all the time and communicates that way.  We now have another programmer working part-time from Mexico (Carlos), and he and Andy actually work together while "talking" on Skype.  They both dial into the software development server and put their coding on it.  Kind of cool.

Our focus for the software has morphed into something new as a result of working with a marketing/business-plan advisor over the summer and fall.  He really forced us to narrow down the best market and we ended up with a whole new identity.  But OneFileEverywhere is still going to be a product onto itself and has been developed quite a bit in the last few months.  Its in Beta testing now and available to use for free at   We've been getting a lot of work done on things like logos and website design, and creating a brochure and writing the business plan.

Its been great that Mike has had 2 months at home between consulting gigs to put a lot of time and focus on the software companies.  We are working out our condo office and enjoying downtown living.  Being here has really allowed us to just keep our focus on working.  No house or yard to upkeep.  The dogs get us out of the office several times a day for walkies.

But now life is going to change gears again - Mike is off to Sacramento for a 3 month engagement, and I am heading to Mazatlan for a break and then back home for a couple of weeks before going down to join Mike for a couple of weeks.  Then it will be Christmas.  We might just head to Vegas for Christmas.....

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