Saturday, 26 May 2012

Come on in!

I'm seeing an increase in readership lately from various sources - it feels great!  I'd love to have you on an automatic email update so you will know when a new post comes out.  I am shooting for once or twice a week, depending on whether I have something interesting (hopefully) to say.  So look to your right - there is a box you can enter your email address into - or become a follower.  I am also on Twitter (sujess) and Facebook (susan.jessup).  Leave me a comment too!  I'd love to hear from you, whoever you are.

This is a picture of my two dogs with a couple of  friends coming in from a romp on the beach.  They got to be guests at a beach house for a week this winter - more than I did!  Annie is in the middle and Teddi is on the right.


  1. Great blogs Susan! Hope to see you when you return in the fall.