Saturday, 1 June 2013

There is a Chinese curse...

"May you lead an interesting life."

I'm back in Mazatlan for the foreseeable future - by myself but with my two faithful furry companions.  May has been a blur.

Planned:  Get up to Alberta (via shared ride to Texas and then a flight)  for a week or so to take care of a few things, see my doctor, accountant, etc. and return with a new 6-month tourist visa. 

Unplanned:  Mike's 2-3 month contract in Indianapolis turns out to be only 2 weeks.  Client decides to ignore Mike's recommendations and project plan that he spent 2 weeks working on (that they hired him to do), and postpones the rest of the project.  Internal employees decide to do the project their way and blow up their systems (figuratively).  They had taken a look at our software which would have saved a ton of money and time, but still decide to do things the "old" way.

Unplanned:  May 5th - Flying to Las Vegas from Maz to meet up with Mike who drove madly from Indianapolis to do some networking at an industry conference for the software.

Unplanned: After driving up to Calgary from Las Vegas and getting everything on our list accomplished, including trading in our Murano for a Versa, Mike is hired for a contract in Houston and has to fly there right away.  I "volunteer" (no choice really) to drive the Versa to Houston so he will have a car to drive and save on rentals.  This does allow me to stop in Denver and visit my sister and family for a day - hadn't been there in 6 years.

Unplanned: Arrive in Houston and help Mike move into a house which he will share with another guy, a relatively inexpensive accommodation option. The contract does not pay expenses on top of the pay, but the rate is higher.  Keeping expenses low is in our best interest.

Unplanned: Flights back to Mazatlan are expensive so I fly to Mexico City and take an overnight bus to Maz, which takes 12 hours.

Now, I'm not complaining - I do like spontaneity and I think I am one of the most adaptable people on the planet - but seriously, I am ready for a modicum of predictability after the winter from financial hell and a whirlwind May.  Somehow, I don't think I'm going to get it for long....maybe I should make a plan.  

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  1. Welcome back to Maz Susan. You do make my life seem very dull! But then again, that might be a good thing.