Friday, 18 October 2013


Annie and Teddie on the patio in Mazatlan.

In my last post I asked "What next?"

Mike just left Maz today after a short week visit before heading up to Halifax to visit his mom, Blanche Clarke, who turns 90 this month, and then he flies to Kuwait for a two-month work project.

Yes, Kuwait.  I'm not so concerned about his going there as I am about the future projects in places like Nigeria, Angola, and Bangladesh.  Nevertheless, he is happy for the opportunity and, of course, the higher-than-average pay rate.  All of this has come as a result of his recent contract in Houston for Chevron. Chevron is conducting systems upgrades on their document management software in every outpost all over the world.  Mike is to be their "man on the ground" in many of them, one at a time.  Even better - he will be using our software, MOVE, on the projects with Chevron's approval.  It fits right into their requirements.   That alone makes this all worth it.

So Chevron gave him the okay to come to Maz for a week and work remotely, then a week in Halifax, before flying to Kuwait.  He had some time for fun and relaxation but also had extensive dental work done - two root canals and crowns - all within 5 days.  But if you are going go through that you couldn't ask for a better place to be.  He will be back for two weeks at Christmas.

I've been back since the middle of September, settling back into the uniquely enjoyable lifestyle here.  A few snowbird friends from North of the Border have begun to trickle in for the winter, but the main flock will be here by mid-November.  Our favourite watering hole, Macaw's, which is like our local "Cheers - where everybody knows your name", re-opened after a month-long closure for September.  It's a short walk from my apartment and they welcome my dogs too.  Since it is an indoor/outdoor place, they happily sit by my feet and receive the petting and greetings by patrons there.  Often I am just walking by, not intending to stop in, and they naturally swerve towards the open door and my usual table.

The weather has cooled off somewhat but still quite hot for walking around in the middle of the day.  In fact today I got a fright when my 13-year old lab-mix, Annie, suddenly began seizing on the sidewalk near home. It last about 30 seconds and then she lay down and wouldn't get up.  I was alone and didn't have my cell phone with me.  Eventually, I managed to carry her home and called the vet, Cesar, who came to the apartment within 10 minutes.  She was still not moving much but I got her into the air-conditioned bedroom on the bed and Cesar looked her over.  He couldn't find anything wrong neurologically, heart or blood pressure were fine, and her temperature was just slightly elevated.  He gave her a shot and said it was probably caused by an electrolyte imbalance from the heat.  So she will be getting Pedialyte and TLC for a few days to see how she gets on.  She is resting easy now. 

Two snowbird friends have been waylaid with health issues and will be very delayed in returning this winter, if they get here at all.  Our community here is like a little village.  Everyone cares about everyone else.  It's like nothing I have ever experienced anywhere, anytime, in my life.  No wonder we all love it here.


  1. It definitely looks like things are looking up! We put our Sherwood Park house up for sale in January 2012, took it off the market in June 2012, put it back on the market in February 2013 and it sold in two weeks within $10 of what we had asked (both times same selling price). So glad you were able to sell it to your renters. I bet it is hard having your hubby gone but things seem so much more positive for you guys. Cheers and greetings from Vancouver Island (our paradise although I love Mazatlan too but its been a few years)