Sunday, 15 March 2015

Software update for those interested

I received a nice compliment today from a couple here asking about Mike and the software company. They've met Mike and are from Nova Scotia - actually the woman went to the same High School as Mike but 10 years earlier.  She follows my blog too.

They said Mike was a very lucky guy to have a wife like me supporting him.  I said I'll tell Mike you said that, thank you. ;)

Things are moving and shaking in software, and we have revenue trickling in.  There are at least three Channel partners now who are beginning to include Move in their own projects for clients.  It continues to be further developed as different clients request further adapters and functionality.  Mike has been hiring offshore programmers for short jobs - they are relatively inexpensive and usually excellent.  Our co-founder and lead developer, Andy, has been working in a full-time job so sometimes he just doesn't have time to do what we need done - and it's a good idea to begin finding and familiarizing other developers to have ready for future needs.

Our website is undergoing a complete overhaul and upgrade.  Man, our current one sucks!  That will help a lot to raise our profile in the business world.  

Every day now there seems to be fresh good news from Mike.  He's been doing some local networking and finding many new potential customers and channel partners that way.  One good thing about him not working somewhere on a consulting job - he has time to do that kind of thing. But he continues put his name out there for gigs - it's been another long dry spell for that which is nerve-wracking. Fortunately, software has been bringing in some revenue and Mike has done a couple of small consulting jobs from home.  He has bumped into a potential investor along the way too, and will be talking to him more next week.

Mike's son, Matt, a business and communication graduate of University of Ottawa, has been working with Mike a lot too!  Working remotely from Toronto, he has been re-writing an Executive Summary, creating cash-flow spreadsheets ready to show to potential investors, writing content for our new website.  He has been very helpful and he also allows me to step back more.  Mike seems to have a thousand things on the go to work on, and respond to, every day so it's great to have a right-hand man helping him, as well as me.  He really does need a full-time executive assistant at this point, but this comes close.  And Matt is being so flexible with us on getting paid.  There are projects in the pipeline that he will be paid for as a Business Analyst by the client too.  He plans to go to Spain in the fall to complete an International MBA program which I'm sure will be very exciting - and useful if he should choose to come work for us full-time eventually.

I'm happy to be here in Maz for now and stay involved online.  I will soon have to return to Calgary for year-end tax filings with the accountant and also plan to visit my dad for his birthday, April 26, in Toronto.

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