Tuesday, 13 April 2010

A philosophical ramble

A friend of mine back in Canada (and she reads my blog so she knows who she is - hope she doesn't mind if I quote her) messaged me the other day and said " If I wasn't so tired, I'd run away from home!".  Of course, I offered my spare bedroom as a place to run to.  It reinforced my sense of well-being I have being here.

I love my apartment in Sabalo Country.  Its quiet most of the time except for a variety of birds calling everywhere.  Its comfortable, airy and bright.  And dare I say it - I like being here by myself.  Okay, okay, of course I love Mike and miss him etc. Its just that I think a woman needs a place she can be alone sometimes.  Especially a woman of a certain age, who has done the child-rearing, the cooking, the cleaning, the chauffeuring, the nursing, the worrying - a woman who has paid her dues.  And I don't mean alone for an hour, a day, a week.  I mean for at least a month.  No-one else to think about but herself.  I know a lot of you fellow women totally agree, but have you ever done it?  It is soul-restoring.  Don't let anyone tell you it's selfish, like being selfish is a bad thing.  Of course it's "self-ish".  If you aren't self-ish once in a while, you will become "self-less" - no self.

I'm very lucky and I know it.  Mike is an accommodating man.  He loves me like I was a goddess (which I'm not, trust me).  He likes my independent spirit.  He is perfectly okay with taking care of himself for periods of time.  A lot of men are not.  I grew up in a home where my father did nothing domestic.  It was a traditional home and if he had EVER tried to cook something, my mother would have freaked at having him in her kitchen.  He did the outside stuff.  He never even paid a bill.  Then, when my mom was about 72, she got Alzheimers.  It was gradual at first, but soon she could not do ANYTHING domestic without my dad's help and eventually, he had to do it all.  He now lives alone and takes care of himself.  It was a tough transition.

Everyone, male or female, must be able to take care of themselves.  You never know when you will be forced to anyway.

I don't know what got me off on this ramble.  It's my blog and I'll write what I want to. I feel so much younger and alive in Mazatlan.  Relaxed, stress-free, rested.  I am free.  I wish for this for every woman.

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