Monday, 12 April 2010

A ride in a '60 T-Bird

Yesterday was the expat yakfest at Las Flores Hotel on the deck by the ocean.  A good turnout given the end of the winter season.  A few people there have been reading my blog, which is great.  I noticed that the waiter kept refilling our popcorn and salty nuts - they don't do that usually.  I think someone told them it makes us drink more!

There was a new face (to me) there who was driving a white '60's T-Bird that he was having restored in Mazatlan - he had brought the parts down with him since those are hard to find here, but the labour is dirt cheap. After things wrapped up at Las Flores, he invited 3 of us to ride in the car down the malecon to another popular sea-side place called PV's (Puerto Viejo).  Since I was going with my good friends Dan and Gail in the car, I went along.  What can I say?  It was fun.  Lots of waves and nods of approval from people as we drove by - like we were celebrities!  At PV's I sat back and did my "quietly observe" thing while sipping a Pacifico beer.  There were a few interesting characters that I've never met at our table so I find it much more fun to watch than participate.  Mr. T-Bird impulsively stopped the girl selling roses when she walked by and bought 3 roses.  The first one he gave to Dan who accepted it with a confused/horrified look on his face.  I could just hear him thinking "WTF?"  Then T-Bird gave one to Gail and me (the only women at the table) and explained - the last time he bought a rose for some other guys wife, the guy got a little upset, so he decided he would buy one for the guy too.  We laughed, and Dan said, "Whew!  You had me worried there.  But I won't be riding in your T-Bird with you again!"

When the glorious sunset was over, I stepped out to the sidewalk and caught the Sabalo/Centro bus home, smiling.


  1. Susan - a great summary of our Sunday in Mazatlan. We really took it easy on Monday but got back into our early morning walk along the malecon at 8 am. It has become very hot lately -I've considered cranking up the AC for 5 minutes but haven't done it yet. We have never used the one in our new apartment where we moved Dec. 15. The summer heat and humidity are on the way!

  2. That anonymous post was me - Gail