Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Odds and bobs (my father's saying)

I have started a new writing project.  Not getting paid for it (yet) but very worthwhile.  What a perfect career for me - live in exotic places and write.  Always thought I should have become a travel writer or - more perfect - a travel food writer.

I am planning to return to Alberta in about a week.  I'm not staying until the end of May.  Mike has become very busy back home and can't get away until around May 17 and not sure even then.  So, I figure that with things sprouting up in my garden back home, I have enjoyed Maz long enough this year.  I haven't secured anything for next winter yet, but may have found a small house in a gated community to the north of Maz on the bus route.  More room, more privacy, and I can have my dogs there.

Mike is preparing a new investor presentation on OneFileEverywhere as part of a workshop he is participating in.  At the end of the workshop, he will be put in front of real investors after being well-prepared by the teachers and peers at the workshop.  Should be soon.  We really need to raise some funds for it - our accountant has sternly told us that we cannot continue to pay Andy out of our own pockets and we cannot go into any more debt.  Accountants - gotta love 'em.

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